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Sketch to Photorealistic Render

Transform rough sketches into stunning, lifelike images with our advanced AI technology.


3D to Photorealistic Rendering

Convert basic 3D models into incredibly detailed, true-to-life images that capture every nuance.


Virtual Staging Revolution

Instantly furnish and decorate empty spaces with AI-powered virtual staging technology.


Instant Room Redesign

Reimagine any space with our AI. Choose from various styles to see your room transformed in seconds.

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What our customers say

" helped me completely transform my living room in minutes. The designs were stunning and looked so real!"

John Smith


"As an interior designer, has become an invaluable tool for me to quickly create photorealistic design concepts for my clients."

Sarah Johnson

Interior Designer

"Interiorlab has significantly streamlined my rendering tasks. It provides incredible accuracy and a variety of styles that perfectly match my project requirements."

Michael Brown

3D Designer


$34.00 /month

  • Create 1,000 redesigns per month
  • Redesign any interior
  • 35+ room types
  • 50+ interior design styles


$94.00 /month

  • Everything in lower plans
  • Create 5,000 redesigns per month
  • Unlimited render storage
  • Virtual staging mode
  • Priority access, faster response times
  • Available even when demand is high
  • Early access to new features


$294.00 /month

  • Everything in lower plans
  • Create 25,000 redesigns per month
  • Design up to 12 renders in parallel

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